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Hello and welcome to my website. I am glad you stopped by. Let me start by introducing myself and telling you a bit about me. As you guessed my name is Loree,  and for those who have asked me, 'Loree' rhymes with 'Marie'...blame that on my Mother:-)
I grew up on a dairy farm...very little money, but a whole lot of imagination.  I always wanted to be a writer, but received very little support in pursuing that.  In fact, my father once told me, when I said I wanted to be a writer, 'No you don't!  Writers are crazy people.'  Maybe he was right?  :-)
After getting my high school diploma, in eleven years, I set out to make my way in the waiting tables. 
A year later, I married and became the mother of four wonderful sons...and years later re-married...this time four daughters and a son came with the package.
I retired from the Sheriff's department in my county, where I was a deputy sheriff, confined in the county jail...fortunately on the  outside of the bars.
It's hard to believe that it has now been four years (plus) since my first poem appeared on the Cards for Fun site, in Canada.  Joe was very encouraging, and must have used the first 50 or so that I wrote.  And when he couldn't 'shut me up', he subtly suggested that I get a website of my own, so here I am.  I'm grateful that he kicked me out of the nest, when he did, or this site would never have been started.
I was lucky to have Lori Strevels, recommended to me...she is a wonderful web designer, with a great talent, herself, in picking just the right graphic, to enhance my written words.
There is something very intoxicating about seeing one's written words in print, followed by your name!
The poems on these pages, are drawn from my own life's experiences, over the years, and are meant to touch the hearts of all who read them, and even, in some cases, put a smile on your face.
To my faithful readers, thanks so much for sticking with me, and for all your encouragement.  I especially enjoy hearing from each and everyone of you.  And to new readers, who find me some way or another, welcome to my home on the net...and I hope you find a poem here, 'just for you':-)
It is my fervent wish, that you all enjoy reading the poems,  as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Keep checking in.....I do not send out a newsletter, but invite you just to tuck me in your 'Favorites'....I don't take up much space:-)  I try to add, usually, one or two new poems per you all come back now, you hear?!
An Overdue Update for my readers...........
In the fall of 2008, I had to go ahead and have the pace maker put in.  It was that, or the alternative, which I sure didn't like thinking about.
Upon the insertion of that handy little gadget, I felt like a brand new person.  Almost felt like running a race.....notice I said 'almost':-)
I no longer have the blackout episodes that were bothering me prior to that surgery.  Those were scary and I'm mighty glad to be rid of them.
They tell me that my pace maker will keep on 'ticking' for six years, and then I will have this one replaced with yet another one.  When the heart gets lazy, and wants to 'lay down' on the job, the leads from the pace maker are like a cowpoke with an electric prod, and trust me....the heart sits up and takes notice:-)
I sold my place in the country, bought one in town, and moved in June of this year, bringing my two  girls, Sammi and Dixie with me.  They are great watch dogs, and very protective of me.  I cannot imagine life without them.
This winter, now that I'm settled into my new home, I hope to sit here at the computer, start whipping out some new poems for all of you, and sort of hibernate until next spring.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts, your support, and your encouragement.  Most of all, thank you for being with me these past 3 years, as I struggled with the worst that life has to offer. 
Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart...or should I say 'pace maker'?!  Loree


Willow Trees

Special Memories

It's Only When

Old Age

The Wings Of Time

If God Had Meant

Twisting In The Wind

Wrinkle Free

Snow High On The Mountain

Bits And Pieces

Basket Case

If I Never

Nothing Like Nature

A Single Rose

Treasured Possessions

The Sale


Life's Mountain

Lost And Found

Winter Woes

Frayed Around The Edges

Perfect Match

December Daydream

Twas The Day After Christmas

Christmas Present

If Not For Dreams

Memories Left Behind



Love At First Sight


The Wooden Chest

The Golden Road


My Piece Of The Rock

No More Voice

A Pillow Wet With Tears

Smelling Salts

Good Intentions

How Big Is Forever

Rubble Of Memories

Another Bridge To Burn

Buzz Cut


Class Reunion

My Table

Rainy Days

Changing World

My Pleasure

The Song Bird

The Gift

Ice Storm

The Fisherman

Part Of The Past


Dear JT,

Beauty's Saving Grace

There To See

Hindsight First

For Someone Special

If Only

A Man's Tears

A Neighbor

My Wealth


Santa's Retirement

Christmas Poem 2008



A Rose Without Thorns

The Banquet

What's Left Now That You're Gone?

What Can We Do For Our Country?

Tired Old Barn



Three Loves

A Bouquet That Won't Wilt


Man And Roses

Apron Strings

Who Loves Us More Than Anyone?

The Old Country Store

The Book That Is Our Fate

Kindness Is Addictive

A Poem Might Cross My Mind

The Human Heart

A Mother



End Of Night

My Son...

Life And Time

Songs And Memories

Lets Change The World

The Dandelion


I Am

Happy New Year

Just Give Me One More Day


Don't Look Back

Bed Partners


The Clock Of Life


Nigth Wind

What Grows In Your Garden?


The Meeting In Town Hall

Attitude Adjustment

If I Could Have What I Want Most

The Future

Marching On

Please Wait

Mother Natureís Glance

Without A Sword

Angel Tears

It Hurts So Much To Say Goodbye

The Soul

Snow Fall

Cowboy Joe 

Chance Encounter

Top Of The Mountain

Let Me

Old Fashioned Christmas

Dear Mom And Dad

Left Overs


Mister Fix It


Life's December

Stranger At Your Side


The Last Rose Of Summer

The Magic Wand

Bring Them Home

A Purpose And A Reason

Family Jewels

Who Wants To Read Poetry?

The Stove


Simple Pleasures

The Pathway

I Am A Senior Citizen

He Also Built His Soul

Star Dust


The Road

Real Beauty

Alarm Clock

Spices of Life

A Kansas Christmas

The Perfect Cure

Faith And Hope

The Winds Of Time

Wood Stove

The Four Boxes

A Keeper

Foot In Mouth

God Is Up To Something

Two Little Girls


2005  Nine One One Memorial


Getting Old is Not For Sissies

Their Differences Were Few

It Seems Like Only Yesterday

The Wood Shed

Make The Most Of Each Day Left

These Things We'll Never Know

The Sea Of Life

 Gentle Man

School Of Hard Knocks

If Jesus Were In Charge

The Cabin

We Never Miss

Our Strength

Love Affair


The Rocking Chair

The Jukebox

Twilight Of My Years

Angels Do Not All Wear Wings


House For Rent

It Doesn't Matter All That Much

Just When

Country And Laid Back

The Hope Chest

The Cur

The Mirror

These Hands

Conversation Piece

Humble Pie


A Bridge To Cross

To My Valentine


Planted Dreams

I wanted

Mans' Nature

Grief's Sad Song

The Dreamer

Just Another Christmas


Our Magic Moments

How Sad It Is

Santa Claus IS Coming!

Just Being Me



Choosing A Puppy

The Old Barn



The Package

One More Smile

Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise

A Case Car

Simple Life

Late Blooms

Tears On My Face

The Quilt





Reflections Of 911

Darned Old Rooster

A Humble House

Eggs In A Basket



Joint Endeavor

If You Only Had Tomorrow

Better Day


Faded Glory

Bad Dreams

Don't Sweat The Little Things

Make Mine A Cowboy

Old Folks Home

Tornado Alley 


Leave So I Can Cry

Itís Never Too Late

The Gate

Quiet Place

Lost And  Found

No Primrose Path

Kansas Dog Days

Country Dawn





The Kindness Well

Carrot Top

El Toro

Are We There Yet?

Springs Back

It's Over



Special Wishes

Mind Game

Market Junkie 

Night Critters




Sad Eyes

Tree House



Down Home Cookin

Fickle Heart

Valentines Day


The Farm

Blackberry Patch


What Am I Doing Here?

Mystery Lover

Christmas List


Golden Years


Country School

First Snow


Still In Love with You

Last Kiss


Measure Of A Man


Halloween Night

Let Me Go

The Rose

Summer's Flight


Friends And Smiles

The Beauty Shop



Mothers And Daughters

Tears That Fall

Missed Chances

Aches, Pains And Bigger Belt

A Soldier's Prayer

The Tender Side Of Me


Someday, Somewhere, Sometime


Special In My Heart


Puppy Love

Am I Easy To Forget?

New Love

The Biker


The Candle

You'll Never

Red Barn



Special Place 

Itís Alright 

There Is More Where That Came From

Our Special Tree

Memorial Day



Goodnight Kiss

Destiny And Fate

Telemarketer Calls

Godís Greatest Trial

My Angel



My Middle Name Is Klutz

Too Late

The Warmth Of Spring


The Marlboro Man

Color Me A Rainbow

Paint Me A Sunrise

Loves Song


When I Leave My Earthly Home

The Little Pine Tree

Back Then

How Big Is A Heart

Reach For Your Dreams


God Came By My Folkís Home Place

My Only Valentine


Country Gal


My Basenji


What Is A Friend?

Forever And A Day

The Family Wedding Gown


Friendship Break

The Greatest Painting Anywhere

What Will I Leave Behind?

The Room

What Are Friends For?

Computer Junkie!

By The Shore

Dear Santa

Train Of Life

Wrong Side Of The Bed


Preacher Man

Country Church

The Old Mill

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today



Until The Feelings Are Gone


A Christmas Wish


In Memory Of 911

Stolen Moments

The Happiness Dress

A Special Friend

America In Sorrow



Dirt Road

A Hug For You

First Love

Forbidden Love

Fountain Of Youth

God's Painting

God's Pen

Growing Old

How Times Have Changed



Lost Love

Love's Flames


Night Singers

The Pet Lover's Prayer

What Means The Most To Me

Lifes Path

Grandpa's Farm

The Two Seater

Grandpaís Teeth

 Welcome Home

Remember When?

Itís Time

Only One

Spring Fever

The Windmill

Loves Hot Fire


Mother Natureís Teardrops

Unimportant Things

Thanks Friend!

The Empty Chair


If I Could

Too Much To Leave Behind

All Roads Lead To Home


Signs Of Spring

One Time Special

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